Bathtub And Shower Combo

Bathtub and shower combo is the best choice for those who love the practicality and well-organized room design. With a sophisticated design, bathtub and shower combo come in stylish appearance and great functionality. The most common are to put tub shower combo in the corner of the room to save the space. Of course, it is highly recommended for small bathroom design. Installing glass door can bring the aesthetic look and trendy of a shower and bathtub combo, besides that it can keep you from the unnecessary border. Need storage for a towel? Glass door with chrome mounted towel bar is available to buy.

Tub shower combo doesn’t mean traditional design. I have the coolest picture of the topic; a rectangle in-ground bathtub is very cozy placed next to doorless walk in shower. To make the water that falling from the shower doesn’t flow into the tub, below the shower is given infiltration of water that is covered with wooden floor. For adding dramatic decoration, install also large roller blind with the same color of the room that is gray. Not only had that, on the wall behind the bathtub laid wall mounted towel bar. It needs space of course. However after you see how fabulous the combo is, you will seek to have such tub and shower combo.

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