Simple Utilitarian Over The Toilet Shelf Designs Ideas

Of course, it would not be an exaggeration if you must install a storage around a toilet as to maintain cleanliness and health, we are not just sitting on the toilet but also have to think of adequate storage for the bathroom accessories, especially for the most crucial thing; tissue toilet papers.  Fine, you do not want to be too complicated to think about it and want the simplest and utilitarian storage. Thus, it seems no other good idea than over the toilet shelf.

Maybe some of you most hate to be around the toilet, but I think if, over the toilet given shelf filled with cute and mesmerizing decorations, I am sure you will no longer feel bored and lazy to nourish the body by defecate. If you agree with my idea, then the white floating shelf would be cool installed over the toilet, especially if space is painted in a dark tone, the shelf will look beautiful and striking.

You are really want to display over the toilet shelf is not just for storage but also for decoration in order to draw attention. That is why you are looking for the unique and cool shelves designs ideas that suitable to over toilet. Then, a glass wall mounted shelf with solid fixed chrome could be as the good design for you. Otherwise, if you are not too concerned to have a shelf over the toilet, the best thing you should do is to put the toilet under the vanity so that you will not be hassles when it will take tissue toilet.

Unusual Bathroom Vanity Chairs Designs

Are you ready or dream of designing luxurious bathroom vanity? Start with the chair to make it come true. Unique, well-designed, and gorgeous shows how worthy these following bathroom vanity chairs are! Let us take a look in detail.

Vanity means feminine, beautiful, and plush. Therefore, it is not false if this backless chair is good as a vanity stool. The design resembles a large petal with queen tufted on the center of the pad, and then, it is added by cool plaid slipcover that successfully make the chair looks unique and different from others.

Sometimes, when people talk about vanity, it means related to the vintage style. Then, the distressed low back chair becomes the best furniture set for the shabby chic vanity design, or for a rustic or traditional bathroom, it is ideal to put wooden swivel chair with barrel back design. The chairs can match the décor and provide comfort in a high-quality definition.

Lucite or clear acrylic always glows. To design nice, cute, and unusual private vanity, it is recommended to choose clear chairs. Thanks for it comes in diverse stylish designs like this one; the cutest backless vanity chair or stool features four Lucite legs, and aha! I huge love in white fluffy or faux fur upholstery that provides unique, comfy, and adorable look! Check the others extraordinary bathroom vanity chairs on the following pictures and pick the best one for your interior.


Clever And Handy Above Toilet Storage Designs Ideas

For a healthy life, we must promote cleanliness. We can start from anywhere; take the example of a bathroom. To urinate or defecate we not only need the toilet but tissue too. Even, storage is also needed to save the purposes of the bathroom cleanliness. To make rooms look neat and well-organized, putting storage above the toilet is a good idea.

Tall storage features shelves and cabinets not only allow homeowners to store bathroom accessories, decorative items, medicines but to support and save the toilet as well. It is important creating toilet partition to make us feel comfortable while accessing the toilet.

The cabinet doors come in wooden, plain glass, to frosted glass designs. Commonly, the designs are made of painted wooden in black and white to provide serene and calm. Yet, awesome wrought iron and metal tall toilet storage are available. Furthermore, there is a leaning ladder wall shelf features metal towel rod and tissue paper stand which looks cute.

Besides that, making the storage is floating or mounting on the wall offer an appealing look. For instance, a square wire open storage with 9 shelves that suitable placed above the toilet. Towels, bins, makeup organizers, compartments, and small clock can be put there.  For small space cases, to make it uncluttered, just design two tiers wall mounted open shelf. It is simple, practical, and handy too.

Awesome Double Vanity Tops Designs

It is better to put a vanity with double tops to provide comfort and practicality, especially for you who usual brushing teeth or wash the face together with your spouse and child. Besides that, double vanity tops can save cost and space. Marble and granite are the most common used to both kitchen and bathroom vanity countertops. No wonder, they serve timeless elegance, affordable, and timeless, even it is still suitable placed in the contemporary bathroom.

The important things that homeowners should know before choosing double vanity tops are what kind of sink wants to be installed. To match with the glass bowl sink, the double vanity tops use tempered glass too. The vanity counter top looks sleek and classy by installing modern chrome faucets.

Besides that, nature wood can good also to be as vanity top for double glass vessel sinks.  Furthermore, to create a rustic bathroom vanity design, brass vessel sinks are put on hardwood counter tops. Stone vessel sinks are heavy enough. That is why it needs solid vanity top. For this case, travertine vanity tops are ideal to be chosen.

Storage is a regular feature of bathroom vanity whether for storing anything. Therefore, choosing double vanity tops that combined with cabinet unit can maximize the vanity functions. Again, matching between vanity tops and cabinets are a wise to do in order to create harmoniously and pretty bathroom decorating design.


Terrific Small Shower Stall Designs

For those of you that feel more comfortable take a bath in standing position and is plagued with narrow bathroom, then, you should choose small shower stalls. Although it is small and only enough for one person, the designs that will I show here are cool, then, guaranteed you will shower with clean and comfortable. No matter how small shower stalls are, they still can be filled a bench and a wall niche shelf to store soap, shampoo, and accessories.

Whether added to doors or doorless, small shower stalls can create a comfortable feel and provide privacy. Of course with doors, showers will look very cool and elegant, even luxurious by glass doors. There are large designs of small shower stalls with glass doors. Stalls mean dedicated for corner space. Therefore, combining showers with frameless corner sliding glass doors will make the showers stylish and beautiful.

To give you satisfaction when showering, now many have been present high-end small shower stalls that combined with glass enclosure and sophisticated appliance set inside. Designing tiles are important to decorate showers. Trendy black wall tile is great to combine ultra-modern small shower stalls with sleek glass enclosure and stylish door. Meanwhile, frosted and blurred glass shower enclosures provide an exotic and unique look to the small shower stalls design.

Pretty Ceramic Shower Shelf Designs Ideas

Just like a bedroom that is the ultimate place to take rest, bathrooms must-have in every home, no matter how small and simple the home is. Tiles are easy material ideas to décor bathroom. Usually, they are applied in walls and floors, even for showers. Talking about showers, common storage should be there is a shelf.

These days, tons of shelf designs are available in stores. Yet, the most affordable shelf is made of ceramic. That is why still there are homeowners use it.  Besides that, ceramic shelves have benefit such as they are pretty look, cheap, and easy to be blended with shower decorations.

Wall niche shelves are good to showers for they are space saving and uncluttered look. Moreover, they are strongly ideal to small showers that do not require storage to avoid the spaces look more narrow and uncomfortable. Build the shelves designs into single, two, or three parts of wall niches are free to design depending on homeowners’ need. Then, you can find the designs ideas through the pictures below.

Ceramic shelves are suitable to décor rustic bathroom shower designs. To make it catchier, the borders and the wall basis are combined with tiny colorful tiles. Furthermore, put wall mounted ceramic shelves on the corner of showers are natty and beautiful to see. Meanwhile installing lighting under the ceramic shower shelf is functional and gorgeous to light up on a dark night.



Corner Soaking Tub

Besides for bathing, a bathroom seems for relaxing as well after passing the busy and tiring day, no matter how small or large the bathroom space is. Special for a small room, installing a corner soaking tub can be the as best choice. While soaking in the tub, your eyes are lucky enjoying outside view if the bathroom has a corner window as well. The soaking tub is the best way to eliminate stress.

Actually, the tub style design comes from the ancient Japanese tradition to make our body and mind healthy and peace. Now we are in the modern era which is served by numerous designs of great soaking tubs, we can choose for free. A drop-in soaking tub with porcelain around is let us enjoying the tub comfortably. However, step is needed to build for helping us plunging into the tub.

As we know the soaking tub is narrower dimension from the regular tub, but the depth is deeper. Commonly, the corner soaking tubs come in circular, triangular and oval shapes. However, here you will find unusual shaped of corner soaking tub. The sophisticated soaking tubs that placed on the corner of the room now there have been added by chic bonus features like innovative watering system. The designs are more stylish with glass panel. Installing a mini TV in the corner is a great bonus to enjoy the tub. Do have any plan for bathing with mate? Below, a trendy corner soaking tub for two people is available to pick.

Framed Mirrors For Bathrooms

Framed mirror can add elegance décor to any bathroom vanity. Besides that, if you frame your bathroom mirror, the vanity wall will look more attractive. Choosing the admirable colors and materials depends on your desire, now a lot of choice designs to be taken. Yes, color can bring the message of our feeling. For example, black implies exotic appearance, while nature wood provides warm and calm ambience.

Certainly, in selecting framed mirror should look at your bathroom theme or décor, and the wood framed mirror is suitable for a rustic or nautical bathroom.Put a small rectangle mirror hanging vertically on the bathroom vanity wall still looks cool. Moreover, with the whitewashed shabby chic wood frame, I am sure no one will refuse to be taken in addition to the charming décor. However, in the modern bathroom design, a frame made of tiny subway tile that combined with white porcelain can make the large vanity mirror looks gorgeous.

In fact, there is a wide range of colors and designs you can choose from framed bathroom mirrors. Do match mirror frame with vanity countertop brings balance nuance, like this picture, large white framed bathroom mirror is same with vanity countertop. If observed carefully, it is like sticking. Then, you can create classic nuance to the room with a metal mirror frame with intricate around design.

Vanity Chair For Bathroom

A bathroom is a part of the home that is expected as a place to relax and make the body healthy both inside and outside. By adding a vanity in the bathroom can make the room perfect. Besides that, making sure our appearance after bathing is really recommended to create the body fresh-looking. Because of wet temperature reason, the bathroom furniture is designed with the more special design. Besides the designs are chic, the materials have to be safe to be placed in the bathroom condition. Are you looking for vanity chairs for the bathroom? This post has the best collection.

Chrome is glossy and durable material, and then select a backless vanity chair made of silver chrome metal becomes a suitable choice. The pad uses thick white foam to provide comfort ambience. So you will enjoy while dressing in front of the vanity. Acrylic chair with foamy seat and also wheels is pretty and cozy to sit. Moreover, it is really fit if be combined with white vanity furniture. For those who want to furnish the bathroom with a unique chair, here there is the collection. Still use acrylic as the material. However, it is added to low back, wheel, and round seat that make the chair cool.

Vanity is identical to glamorous design. If you want such vanity design, this comfortable tufted backless chair is the best choice. Moreover, with posh mirrored legs, truly this chair is a very high value so perfect for those who love luxury interior home design.

Corner Tub Shower Combo

Do you have any idea to organize your small bathroom to make it neat without neglected the main function? Everyone would agree if I say the corner tub shower combo is the only way to make a compact design for the bathroom with small space. Jacuzzi whirlpool hot tub is very sophisticated tub design which destined for those of you who love the fancy and minimalist tub design with super comfort in level. Bathing in a hot tub together with the mate would be an amazing moment, and only with corner Jacuzzi hot tub, you can have the wonderful opportunity. In addition, with fantastic sliding glass door, surely the bathroom will outstanding.

You might have thought when installing corner tub with the shower definitely, will not be free when showering. Of course, it’s the wrong mind that not in accordance with reality. There is corner tub shower combo that allows you to express more besides bathing and showering, whirled for example. This is it. This rectangle tub is placed in the corner along the wall, and next to it there is a walk-in shower design that becomes one and combined with glass panel and single swinging glass door. Besides glass door and wall panel, if you prefer to let it open you can use bathroom curtain to give privacy. If you are lucky installing window on the corner, then you’re showering and bathing will perfect with fresh natural outside view.