Wall Mounted Kitchen Shelves

Beautify your kitchen space with below wall mounted shelves which have been collected to help you either storing kitchen accessories or displaying decorative items.  In fact, there are a lot of goods that must be in the kitchen, from cookware to containers for spices. Certainly, we cannot mix in storing them. Therefore, it is necessary for us to seek what is suitable storage media for each.

Wall-mounted shelves are very practical. Moreover with the tiered organization, it allows many things to put. For example, a tall tiered wall mounted shelves are fit for spice racks. You do not need to worry because it is made of sturdy material, so even if you put all the spices there, the shelves will not waver and fall.

Anyone obviously wants to have a clean and healthy kitchen. The stainless steel wall mounted shelves are great for the kitchen. They are sleek, solid, and beautiful. Besides that, by combining them with the white fixed wall brackets, add stylish appearance. Making the shelves into tiered provide much storage space for indoor succulent planter as well. Isn’t good and recommended idea to put greenery in the kitchen?

In addition, the kitchen appliances like a microwave usually placed on the wall to anticipate a small space. Therefore, you should have this wall-mounted stainless steel microwave shelf in the kitchen. Make your kitchen space is fun to use and beautiful to look at.

Grey Subway Tile Backsplash

Cooking in a calm kitchen decoration can help you to do the activity become more enjoyable and relaxed. Of course, it is an important factor because if you cook in the pleasant ambience, the result will taste delicious. So have you found the idea to design the kitchen into fun space? Today I will present some cool ideas of kitchen decoration with grey subway tile backsplash.

Besides bringing serenity, grey means modernity and then subway tile has been famous from the ancient times. Therefore, its combination is truly perfect to create timeless comfort kitchen design. Hopefully, you can get inspiration through this post, and below you will be served beautiful pictures.

Subway tile backsplash for kitchen comes in numerous designs. Glass becomes in demand because of its glossy appearance. Moreover, it is easy to be washed with water. Combining the backsplash tile with cabinet and kitchen appliance is no less important to think carefully so that it will get a perfect result, beautiful and harmonious decoration.

The white cabinet which is blended with grey tile backsplash can bring bright and pretty appearance. While if you are going to design the dramatic and elegant kitchen, then dark painted cabinet is the best combination to grey subway tile backsplash. Now there is available subway tile backsplash for the kitchen with unusual designs. Stainless steel subway tile backsplash in grey offers stunning-looking and long lasting. Besides, common subway tile is horizontally, but here you will find unique subway tile with vertically.

Wine Rack With Glass Holder

No matter the dimension your home bar is, you must need wine rack and glass holder, right? If you lucky enough have space for installing furniture, this narrow oval bar table can be as your consideration. It has utilitarian features like two wooden curved racks for wine bottles. You are free to use the table top whether for preparing meals or for enjoying drinks while there are glass holders underneath with pretty upside down storage system.

Hanging wine rack also can be as stunning decoration. Using the kitchen range hood frame that is not used anymore is ingenious design idea. Adding chrome holders underneath to hang wine glasses look this furniture unique and attractive. Wine storage can be also as countertop decoration or tabletop, for example, this glossy black wine and glass holder with pretty hand sculpture shape.

Usually, kitchen cabinet is integrated with lattice wine rack and glass holder underneath. Corner space on the wall is fit installed wine rack, and using reclaimed wood as frame base is versatile. Besides for bottle and wine glass storage, we can display exotic Knicks knacks on the top. Wall is always best for displaying anything of home decoration such on the picture serves modern wall wine bottle and glass holder with tree inspiration design. Leaves made of wrought iron add this interior furniture gorgeous.

Backsplash Ideas For Granite Countertops

Besides for providing perfection while cooking, backsplash and countertop can be combined for decorating a kitchen as well. Granite is commonly used as the countertop in the kitchen. Although it has great feature but the cost is budget-friendly. You can select granite depends on your pocket. To make it balanced creating the wonderful effect, backsplash should be chosen properly.

Here are some inspiring backsplash ideas for granite countertop. Glass tile is the most incredible backsplash for combining granite countertop. Moreover with colorful subway pattern glass backsplash tile, it can be reflected in stunning effect on the black granite countertop. Others backsplash design idea that great for black granite countertop is tiny rock. It truly can produce unique decoration for the cooking space.

Some people tend to find as unique as the possible backsplash, but the others tend to apply either the same color or material to the backsplash and countertop. The green granite countertop is dazzling combined with green backsplash tile. The great combination can confirm the rustic cabinet.

On the next picture of backsplash idea, this kitchen uses the same color of granite both for countertop and backsplash. Light gray brick patterned backsplash tile on the small kitchen looks pretty combined with light gray granite countertop. Then, basically, granite countertop is suitable and cool when combined with any backsplash. It depends on what the decoration you wish whether to balance or to make a focal point.

High End Kitchen Cabinets

We should not play when designing a kitchen if you don’t want to experience a bad experience while doing the culinary activity. Choose high-end cabinets for your kitchen to get a clean, stylish, and sophisticated kitchen design. Of course, it is important to consider since by installing high-end kitchen cabinets, I guarantee you will be more comfortable when cooking. Moreover, what you store in the cabinet will be safe and healthy.

In the latest trend of the kitchen furniture, the bi-colored cabinet is extremely popular, even the most classic black and white. It is a great idea when painting the cabinet under the island with black color and the other side white painted cabinet covered the kitchen wall.

Here there are others inspiring two tone high-end kitchen cabinets design idea that you can apply. Besides bi-colored cabinets, high-end cabinets also come in two-toned kitchen cabinets design such as marvelous nature wood cabinetry on the wall is combined with white stainless steel cabinets underneath the large kitchen island. One color or tone is okay.

As you can see on the pictures list below, for example, trendy white stainless steel cabinets with long silver handle hardware create attraction look to the galley kitchen design. For balancing, applying bold black on the backsplash is the cool idea. For you homeowners who have a small kitchen then want to install high-end cabinets, this post also provides for that case.

Kitchen Chairs With Wheels

Chairs with wheels do not mean it is destined for someone with special needs. Otherwise chairs with wheels design for kitchen serve to facilitate the homeowners while enjoying the mealtime in the kitchen. Even some designs used wheels on the chairs just for cool look reason. For example, this metal dining kitchen chairs features wheels and adjustable system. The designs resemble swivel office chairs so the chairs recommended for a formal setting.

If you intent to design a formal eat in kitchen design, surely these wheeled chairs are suitable to choose. You are regret since the backs are well designed with tufted cushion upholstery. Ingenious and cool, the next picture present purple leather kitchen chairs on wheels with back and arms.

In fact, kitchen chairs with wheels are adapted from various types of seats of professional. For example, a stainless steel kitchen chairs with wheels seem adapted from the laboratory. Rattan can be designed into pretty furniture. Below you will find awesome wheeled kitchen nook chairs made of rattan. For a bonus, the joyful tropical inspired fabric upholstered the chairs. For a large man, rattan kitchen chair with wheels is available. The back design is high with comfy arms and aha striped fabric really shows how traditional it is.

Glass Tile Backsplash Pictures

Glossy look is one kind of reason why homeowners prefer to choose glass tile as the kitchen backsplash than the traditional one. Besides that, glass backsplash tile is available in many exotic colors and colorful combination like a rainbow as you can see in the picture below. Colorful glass tile backsplash can save your kitchen from the plain wooden cabinet. Let the glass backsplash tile show the attractive look.

Another reason that very important is that glass backsplash can be cleaned easily without fear of damaging. Gray subway tile backsplash successfully as bold decoration to the kitchen that furnished with creamy painted cabinet and white microwave appliance. Mosaic tile is exotic for any kitchen design. Moreover, it made of glass that can bring airy atmosphere.

There are some captivating patterns of glass tile backsplash for the kitchen; they are brick, subway, and herringbone. The last mention is really cool installed on white kitchen design. Colors become an important consideration in selecting backsplash especially when it is for decoration as well. Timeless black and white color combinations not only admirable but also, it is trendy with the designs of patterns like mosaic and subway glass tile backsplash. For making sure, just check on the pictures list of gorgeous glass tile backsplash below.

Kitchen Islands With Breakfast Bar

A kitchen island is extremely needed by homeowner no exception in large and small kitchen design. I have 20 inspiring kitchen islands with breakfast bars pictures. You do not worry have a small kitchen island design, just paint it with some vibrant colors combination on the base then you will see your small kitchen island becomes more awesome. Moreover, light wooden can be the as pretty countertop.

Add contemporary acrylic swivel bar stools for making the eat-in kitchen zone feel exclusive. Have breakfast meal while enjoying warm natural sunlight is the pleasure. The next picture presents a creative kitchen island design with white bar stools that placed exactly under the skylight.

Actually, you have got a kitchen island cart on a wheel at home then want to add it with breakfast bar. Here is the example of DIY breakfast bar that integrated with kitchen island cart. The frame comes from silver metal which easier to find around the house. You just put 3 counter height bar stools to complete it. Doesn’t that homemade kitchen island on wheels with breakfast bar look cool! Moreover, a freestanding kitchen island is also can be combined with breakfast bar into two tiers table. The design is dedicated to couple or small family.

Finally the last, I am going to show the chicest l shaped kitchen design features trendy flat cabinet doors, a bay window with dazzling outside view, a modern kitchen island with built-in breakfast bar table and comfy upholstered stools. In addition, some artistic glass pendant lighting makes this kitchen design more inviting.