Entrancing Red Rugs For Living Room Ideas

Red is a magical color that can provide the diverse sensation of decoration such as passion, powerful, plush, and gorgeous. Therefore, put the red rug in a living room is fit if you want the living room looks stunning and sensational. However, in choosing living room rug should match with the room style and d├ęcor.

A traditional living room naturally invites the beauty appearance. Moreover, use a striped red and white rug to cover the area sitting floor can add bonus decoration. Floral, ah the pattern is always captivating. With the bold color of red and others color combination, the rug managed to hold the eyes to see it.

Chinese or oriental is identical with red color in any decoration. Therefore, throw a large red oriental rug in a large living room is suitable to add the perfection of the room decoration. Furthermore, the Oriental rug is famous with an intricate pattern. If you are going to design the unique living room, the red Oriental rug is the best option.

Moroccan is another country that well-known of its funky red rug. The designs help you to make the room becomes exotic and fantastic. Meanwhile, to the modern living room, the designs of rugs are simple and alluring with soft fluff or shag touch. The shape is not only rectangle but round as well. A contemporary round living room that shown below is truly trendy with red, black and cream colors combination. The rug acts also as a luxury decoration.



End Tables For Living Room

For balancing a living room decoration and make it perfect, an end table is needed to put there. In selecting the end tables that want to dedicate for living room should pay attention to the theme that you put. For example, a narrow wood end table that is integrated with cool magazine rack is best for modern living room.

The next option is a round end table with white marble top is truly ideal to provide trendy furniture in the contemporary room. The glossy legs and round mirrored base provide incredible reflection to the existing black rug underneath so it looks more elegant. Meanwhile, the distressed wood end tables are suitably placed in the rustic room.

In fact, talking about end tables for living rooms are not limited to the styles of the era, but also concerning about the usability. The end tables that provide as well with storage are gorgeous. Actually, the living room is the multipurpose room that can be for gathering and doing relaxing with family or entertaining guests. Therefore, we need extra storage for hiding away the things from the guests’ eyes.

Of course, we should clever in choosing storage furniture. It is not to add the room will be narrower then look messed up. The best solution is by presenting the end tables that equipped with storage. There are some designs you can select. End tables with shelves or drawers are the common designs. However, for those who need extra space for the coffee table, an end table that is combined with a pull out tray table will be very helpful.