Clever And Handy Above Toilet Storage Designs Ideas

For a healthy life, we must promote cleanliness. We can start from anywhere; take the example of a bathroom. To urinate or defecate we not only need the toilet but tissue too. Even, storage is also needed to save the purposes of the bathroom cleanliness. To make rooms look neat and well-organized, putting storage above the toilet is a good idea.

Tall storage features shelves and cabinets not only allow homeowners to store bathroom accessories, decorative items, medicines but to support and save the toilet as well. It is important creating toilet partition to make us feel comfortable while accessing the toilet.

The cabinet doors come in wooden, plain glass, to frosted glass designs. Commonly, the designs are made of painted wooden in black and white to provide serene and calm. Yet, awesome wrought iron and metal tall toilet storage are available. Furthermore, there is a leaning ladder wall shelf features metal towel rod and tissue paper stand which looks cute.

Besides that, making the storage is floating or mounting on the wall offer an appealing look. For instance, a square wire open storage with 9 shelves that suitable placed above the toilet. Towels, bins, makeup organizers, compartments, and small clock can be put there.  For small space cases, to make it uncluttered, just design two tiers wall mounted open shelf. It is simple, practical, and handy too.

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