Marvelous Garage Shoe Storage Designs Ideas

For some homeowners tend to use garage not only for parking vehicles but for storing tools and even for accessing in and out of the house as well. This case, of course, it needs a smart way to organize both storage and vehicles. Putting shoe storage in the garage is doing to make interior clean and free of dirt that may be carried by shoes.

Custom garage shoe storage is available in case you need extra storage for hanging coat rack and drawers. To provide you inspiration, I have a marvelous large wall shoe storage combined with hangers and four red painted drawers on the bottom that truly suitable standing in the spacious garage. Other designs show large espresso wood shoe storage cabinet without a door which allows more than sixty pairs of shoes with a trendy leaning organization.

Indeed, it is better when storing shoe in cabinets with doors. It is safe from dust and animals. A tall black and white garage cabinet is great to keep your shoes stay clean and good. For more stylish design, a large black cabinet are contains four square boxes that have cool shoe storage with doors. Pick this one and your garage interior will stand out!

Clever And Handy Above Toilet Storage Designs Ideas

For a healthy life, we must promote cleanliness. We can start from anywhere; take the example of a bathroom. To urinate or defecate we not only need the toilet but tissue too. Even, storage is also needed to save the purposes of the bathroom cleanliness. To make rooms look neat and well-organized, putting storage above the toilet is a good idea.

Tall storage features shelves and cabinets not only allow homeowners to store bathroom accessories, decorative items, medicines but to support and save the toilet as well. It is important creating toilet partition to make us feel comfortable while accessing the toilet.

The cabinet doors come in wooden, plain glass, to frosted glass designs. Commonly, the designs are made of painted wooden in black and white to provide serene and calm. Yet, awesome wrought iron and metal tall toilet storage are available. Furthermore, there is a leaning ladder wall shelf features metal towel rod and tissue paper stand which looks cute.

Besides that, making the storage is floating or mounting on the wall offer an appealing look. For instance, a square wire open storage with 9 shelves that suitable placed above the toilet. Towels, bins, makeup organizers, compartments, and small clock can be put there.  For small space cases, to make it uncluttered, just design two tiers wall mounted open shelf. It is simple, practical, and handy too.

Awesome Double Vanity Tops Designs

It is better to put a vanity with double tops to provide comfort and practicality, especially for you who usual brushing teeth or wash the face together with your spouse and child. Besides that, double vanity tops can save cost and space. Marble and granite are the most common used to both kitchen and bathroom vanity countertops. No wonder, they serve timeless elegance, affordable, and timeless, even it is still suitable placed in the contemporary bathroom.

The important things that homeowners should know before choosing double vanity tops are what kind of sink wants to be installed. To match with the glass bowl sink, the double vanity tops use tempered glass too. The vanity counter top looks sleek and classy by installing modern chrome faucets.

Besides that, nature wood can good also to be as vanity top for double glass vessel sinks.  Furthermore, to create a rustic bathroom vanity design, brass vessel sinks are put on hardwood counter tops. Stone vessel sinks are heavy enough. That is why it needs solid vanity top. For this case, travertine vanity tops are ideal to be chosen.

Storage is a regular feature of bathroom vanity whether for storing anything. Therefore, choosing double vanity tops that combined with cabinet unit can maximize the vanity functions. Again, matching between vanity tops and cabinets are a wise to do in order to create harmoniously and pretty bathroom decorating design.


Pretty And Functional Leaning Wall Shelf Designs Ideas

Whatever the theme and design of your interior are, leaning wall shelf is suitable for all. It was inspired by the traditional ladder used to climb grab whatever is on top. Thus, mostly leaning wall shelves are designed like a ladder. Yet, to meet modern home decoration, the shelves come in diverse designs depends on homeowners needs.

Fortunately, leaning wall shelves are good placed anywhere; whether to décor corner is appealing, stand alone as the decorative shelf is a cool look, or want to use it as a main focal point of the room? Indeed, it is can, even could be the as unique centerpiece! Integrating two, three, even four ladders can make a large leaning wall shelf. Furthermore, by built-in tray desk in the middle of the shelves, you can create a small workspace so you can work or study on it with a unique taste. Besides that, the similar design is available integrated with computer desk design.

Do you want to décor living spaces with unusual design? Try picking this pretty and functional leaning wall shelf that combined with four traditional drawers on the bottom, and then, you can use the drawers as TV stands as well. By this smart design, have affordable furniture with multifunctional features are something impossible.



Outstanding Round Chaise Lounge Designs

Today, designing outdoor living space is trending. We can enjoy days indefinitely there. To make it perfect, and then furnish it with unique round metal chaise lounge. The solid metal is weatherproof and durable. Besides that, the canopy can prevent the sun destroy your relaxing time on the chaise lounge. Detachable canopies are available as well to combine with outdoor chaise lounge. Besides metal frame, resin wicker is good for outdoor.  Even, round chaise lounge made of resin wickers look trendy and beautiful, especially added by comfy throw or accent pillows.

Rattan can be designed into excellent furniture, no except round chaise lounge. Yet, rattan is less good to outside for the material is easily damaged if too long and often exposed to direct sunlight or rain. Otherwise, it will be very suitable indoor such as bedrooms or living rooms. By well-designed of round shape that added by low back also some cute pillows or bolster set, this chaise lounge becomes stylish.

Oversized round chaise lounges can as well be daybeds, even can accommodate more than two people. Do you want to have a multifunctional chaise that can be used for lounging and sleeping at the same time? If you do, then, huge round chaise lounge is suitable to be chosen. It comes in modular and unity design. The modular consists of sectional with two ottomans. Whereas the other design is extra large round tufted chaise lounges with the adjustable metal frame. Furthermore, round chaises can be found on sectional sofas that combined with whether single or double chaise lounges.

Trendy High Top Table Set Designs

Tables are centerpiece of rooms which usually become the standard for the chairs around it. There are huge designs of dining bar tables we can put to décor both interior and exterior. The high top table is one kind of the hottest table design so you are not wrong if you choose this type of table. Let us take a look at the following picture list!

High top dining table set comes in all shapes. The Oval table looks enchanting with black color.  Besides that, it is utilitarian equipped with storage shelf and drawer underneath. The four chairs set have the same tone; black upholstered seats. Next, square high top table dining set is terrific with granite top idea. It allows 8 people to sit on the black leather upholstered chairs with high back designs.

Sometimes, having dinner needs together with a partner only. To get a romantic moment, in addition to a homey place that offers breathtaking view or landscape, it needs a suitable table and chairs set as well.  Then, the perfect option is a small high top black table and a pair low back chairs set. As you can see the picture, presumably, no one will refuse to enjoy dinner together with the perfect setting.

If you love in glossy modern appearance, the narrow round high top table is ideal. The glass top and sleek silver chrome leg and base are truly matching. Furthermore, it is added by two minimalist adjustable bar stools that would make the moment togetherness feel cozy and fun.

Terrific Entertainment Centers Ikea Designs

Where do you spend a relaxing and entertaining? Walks out are fun, yet if you are too lazy to do it because of the weather of tired body, just use your family room or home theater to indulge. Watch TV program of a favorite movie is an easy way to laughter and excitement. Do you believe it? By the entertainment center of IKEA, you can prove it. How come? Since IKEA entertainment centers do not only feature TV stand and usual media storage only. Yet, it is more than that. Just look at my list below!

The first design talks not only about the most exotic and elegant color, yet the black entertainment center is trendy and compact with flat cabinets, 3 bookshelves, and the smartest recessed lighting that built-in over TV stand. The next is super trendy and minimalist media entertainment center that features two glass boxes decorative cabinet to put exclusive statue or vase.

White is versatile color, which is why IKEA love to use the color in designing furniture. The white entertainment center looks beautiful and handy with a wooden board, mounted flat screen TV, and hanging glass shelves. Did you know that displaying family photos on rooms are good to add décor and to provide a sense of peace? Thus, putting sweet beloved family photos on the glass entertainment center IKEA shelves are highly recommended to accompany your leisure time.


Elegant Upholstered Dining Chairs With Arms Designs

No matter how busy the whole family in performing daily activities outside, most does not do dinner time together. It is a sign of a happy family intact. To have the perfect dinner for loved ones, we are here to provide inspiration in choosing the right chair for dining room set. Then, upholstered chairs are the best chairs in providing comfortable and elegance appearance.

Traditional upholstered dining chairs are still proper today, whether made of plain fabric or cheap leather upholstery, it do not make the chairs are drowned in this modern era. On the contrary, it will make the interior looks exotic and unique with pretty wood carving arms and exposed frame. Furthermore, barrel-back upholstered dining chairs offer cool feature with unusual back and arms designs.

Upholstered dining room chairs with arms come not only in plain fabric and leather but also in appealing color tones as a yellow and white high-back upholstered dining chair with arms. Besides that, modern design presents burgundy chair with upholstered arms and hollow back that looks trendy. The arms of dining chairs include the important feature. Besides to allow us to sit comfortably, to give a stylish look as well. Dining room chairs feature low upholstered arms and high back designs look more elegance and beautiful. Thus, they are suitable both in casual and formal dining room setting.

Cool Rectangular Pub Table Designs

Have private pub at homes is nice. We could enjoy meal, drink, or just do chit chat with beloved family and mate on casual ambiance there. For those of you who are going to design pub in homes, we will help you in finding the suitable tables.  Rectangular pub tables with drop leaf and storage underneath are not only fabulous for small space, but also with solid metal and wood combo, the table could fill either in industrial or contemporary interior setting.

People mostly love to enjoy days outside nearby pools and gardens. Thus, besides of stylish design, it needs weatherproof pub table. Resin wicker with glass top pub table is great to furnish outdoor pub. Besides that, still there are numerous designs of rectangular outdoor pub tables that you can opt. The long narrow white table is ideal to combine with shabby chic outdoor living space. Although it is narrow, yet comfortable.

In designing private pub at homes is the matter of personal taste. Masculine interiors tend to look unusual and funky as shown the following picture; a simple long rectangular wood table is truly matching with the wacky chandelier. Moreover, the round leather counter stools are extraordinary designs as well.

Others show modern minimalist home pubs features stylish narrow rectangular table with glass wine shelf and a pair cozy leather adjustable height counter pub chairs. It is like there is no word that ought to be given as the description and praise that fits perfectly in addition to an excellent and truly classy.

Gorgeous Corner Book Case Ideas

Do not ever ignore corner space! We are very particularly concerned with the corner of rooms that generally underestimated by many homeowners. How about you? After reading and seeing this post, you would get ideas to use room’s corner properly. There are many ways to take advantage of corners so that in addition to not look dull, it could also be the appeal of the room. The example is by putting bookcases.

As the name suggests, corner bookcases are usually designed with a triangular shape. The point is clear that bookcases suitable to be placed in the corner. Homeowners are free to choose the best colors for balancing the interior. Nature wood, black, white, brown is available colors. Besides that, corner bookcases come also in unique designs as wall mounted bookcase for corner idea with a zigzag shape.

Tall narrow corner bookcases are cute and cool. Yet, if you want to put it for furnishing a home library, the ideal is large corner bookcases that combined with cabinets and doors. Placing it nearby windows and then, built-in window seating would be the perfect as reading spaces or corner nooks designs ideas. Then, whether just for decorating or designing home libraries, corner bookcases could make boring corner space becomes livelier and stunning.