Pop Up Trundle Daybed

Do you need an extra bed for a nap? Then, a daybed with trundle is the ideal choice. In fact, there are some designs of trundle daybeds. Here we will focus on pop up trundle daybed. Why must you select the pop-up trundle for the daybed?

Yep! The most incredible reason is because it need not much floor space either when used or stored under the daybed. Therefore, for those who live in a small space still can enjoy the nap. Besides that, there are plenty designs of pop-up trundle for daybed which you can pick.

Talking about the material is important because it affects the level of durability and comfort. Metal pop up trundle daybed is robust so it can accommodate large-sized body weight and even suitable as well for the adult. Pop up trundle daybed made of metal come in the variety of pretty neutral colors like black, white, and brown.

The traditional to modern designs are available on the pictures below. Meanwhile, for those who prefer to select natural material that can bring relaxation feel, then wooden pop-up trundle daybeds could be an as suitable choice. A white wooden trundle which is shown here is sweet when to be put on kids’ room, especially in beachy blue and white room theme d├ęcor. The last is a unique trundle daybed made of a great combination between metal and log platform day bed that surely chic for the rustic interior.

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