Pretty Ceramic Shower Shelf Designs Ideas

Just like a bedroom that is the ultimate place to take rest, bathrooms must-have in every home, no matter how small and simple the home is. Tiles are easy material ideas to décor bathroom. Usually, they are applied in walls and floors, even for showers. Talking about showers, common storage should be there is a shelf.

These days, tons of shelf designs are available in stores. Yet, the most affordable shelf is made of ceramic. That is why still there are homeowners use it.  Besides that, ceramic shelves have benefit such as they are pretty look, cheap, and easy to be blended with shower decorations.

Wall niche shelves are good to showers for they are space saving and uncluttered look. Moreover, they are strongly ideal to small showers that do not require storage to avoid the spaces look more narrow and uncomfortable. Build the shelves designs into single, two, or three parts of wall niches are free to design depending on homeowners’ need. Then, you can find the designs ideas through the pictures below.

Ceramic shelves are suitable to décor rustic bathroom shower designs. To make it catchier, the borders and the wall basis are combined with tiny colorful tiles. Furthermore, put wall mounted ceramic shelves on the corner of showers are natty and beautiful to see. Meanwhile installing lighting under the ceramic shower shelf is functional and gorgeous to light up on a dark night.



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