Awesome DIY Liquor Cabinet Designs Ideas

DIY projects always offer creative and useful designs without having to cut cost out of pocket. Besides that, the results would look unique. In this occasion, I will show you DIY Liquor Cabinet. The designs that I am going to present are awesome by repurposed old furniture. Check the following list!

You must have old unused furniture at home, have not you? Mid-century modern credenza, hutch, what else? If you are not lucky enough have the one, and then, how about the upright piano? It is a clever idea. Installing recessed lighting is good to provide cozy appeal. Amazingly, the top and the bottom equipped with doors then are able to store wine safely. When in the closed position, it will be an antique display.

A floating reclaimed wood cabinet without doors that displaying liquors is shown here looks cool. Even it is rustic and really simple to make such, it works combined with an exposed brick wall behind it. An armoire desk is the next stylish DIY liquor cabinet design. The desktop that equipped with gold hinges is suitable to be at the table serving.

To make the old cabinet furniture look new with a different taste, the easy way is to paint it with sophisticated colors as light blue and gray. Another design idea is by installing appealing colorful lighting inside the DIY liquor cabinet. Thus, guaranteed it would look really cool.