Simple Utilitarian Over The Toilet Shelf Designs Ideas

Of course, it would not be an exaggeration if you must install a storage around a toilet as to maintain cleanliness and health, we are not just sitting on the toilet but also have to think of adequate storage for the bathroom accessories, especially for the most crucial thing; tissue toilet papers.  Fine, you do not want to be too complicated to think about it and want the simplest and utilitarian storage. Thus, it seems no other good idea than over the toilet shelf.

Maybe some of you most hate to be around the toilet, but I think if, over the toilet given shelf filled with cute and mesmerizing decorations, I am sure you will no longer feel bored and lazy to nourish the body by defecate. If you agree with my idea, then the white floating shelf would be cool installed over the toilet, especially if space is painted in a dark tone, the shelf will look beautiful and striking.

You are really want to display over the toilet shelf is not just for storage but also for decoration in order to draw attention. That is why you are looking for the unique and cool shelves designs ideas that suitable to over toilet. Then, a glass wall mounted shelf with solid fixed chrome could be as the good design for you. Otherwise, if you are not too concerned to have a shelf over the toilet, the best thing you should do is to put the toilet under the vanity so that you will not be hassles when it will take tissue toilet.