Advantages and disadvantages of buying a house on the beachfront

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a house on the beachfront

Buying a house on the beachfront is a dream for many people who want to see the ocean and smell the sea just by looking out the window. It goes without saying that many times these types of homes, especially when they are located in places with a special charm, are a luxury within the reach of a few.

But although many still believe that those who live by the sea have paid a huge amount of money for their apartment, this is not entirely true. Buying a house on the beachfront can be cheaper than it seems, and this is due to the constant urbanization on the coast, a fact that guarantees a considerable supply of properties at relatively affordable prices and that has driven the creation of the market stable property “on the beach” and full of opportunities.

The first or second residence, that’s the question 

Those who choose to buy a house on the beachfront do so for various reasons. Whims or dreams aside, this type of acquisition has become a viable option for families or older people who want to change their usual place of residence, and for couples and young people looking for a first home.

The main reason is that the price of apartments in many coastal towns has dropped considerably in recent years. This makes many people consider buying a house on the beachfront rather than a house in the peripheral neighborhoods of a big city. The lower economic cost is compounded by the better quality of life and the tranquility that many coastal towns enjoy during the low season months, as well as the payment of lower municipal taxes and fees.

Investing is the other great reason to buy a beach house, in this case, as a second home. We are currently at a good time to make this type of investment that, having a settled market, can offer us profitability in the future. That is why the small investor is increasingly betting on this type of purchase, even in the case of young people, as a pension fund for their retirement.

In any case, if you are considering buying a house on the beachfront, you should assess what are the reasons that lead you to do so, since it will not be the same to establish your residence there than to maintain a second residence, or to make the acquisition as real estate investment. Our advice as experts is that you value the pros and cons in each case.

Advantages of buying a house on the beachfront

The sound of the waves, incredible views at sunrise and sunset, the possibility of enjoying the beach at any time … the advantages of buying a house on the beachfront, at a functional level, are many.

Good investment

But, and at an economic level? Is it a good investment? Can you get extra profit from this new property? The answer is yes in all cases. In fact, buying a house on the beachfront should be seen, precisely, always more as an investment than as an expense.

If you have a house on the beach, it is easy for it to become your vacation or weekend getaway destination, so you will stop spending money on hotels and rentals. From this point of view, the operation is a good investment practically from the moment the mortgage is signed.

Future profitability

Another advantage of buying a beachfront home is its long-term profitability. After a period of stagnation, the figures for the real estate sector point to a growth in the sale and purchase of this type of housing in the coming years. This means that you can still acquire a property of these characteristics at a good price and sell it for more money in the future, obtaining profitability with the operation.

Extra income

Last but not least, buying a house on the beachfront can bring you extra income. How? If you are going to give the house on the beach an exclusively holiday use, you have many months in which the house will be empty and in which you can get a return. The key is to rent it during the winter and during vacation periods when you don’t use it. This is a beneficial way to pay for living expenses and even some mortgage payments. In other words, you can have your summer house and enjoy it without your daily economy being hurt.

Disadvantages of buying a house on the beachfront

Lack of qualities 

Although buying a house on the beachfront has many advantages, not everything is so idyllic. One of the main problems with many of these homes is that they were built at a time of ” real estate boom “, so the qualities are not always as expected.

Another unattractive aspect of this type of apartment, especially if we want to make it our habitual home, is that they are usually quite cold and humid throughout the year, especially in winter.


Another drawback of buying beachfront homes is its maintenance. Think that these houses are poorly protected from the air and that this, together with the saltpeter, can age and damage facades, windows or facilities such as air conditioning.

In addition, not everyone likes to live in large concrete blocks, which is how many houses located on the beachfront in tourist areas tend to form and with large crowds in summer.

On the other hand, when buying a second residence on the beach we must assess the expense it entails and what it will imply for our economy. From then on, the costs of water, gas or electricity will be double. It is also necessary to assume taxes and other expenses derived from the house, and request a mortgage. The key is to carry out a preliminary study and have a financial “cushion” to withstand unforeseen events.


Finally, there are those who prefer not to have a fixed summer resort. And is that to buy a house on the beachfront you must bet on an area that you like, where you feel comfortable, where you enjoy and where you have at your fingertips everything you need to repeat your vacation there. But if you buy a house in a place that you are in love with, the investment will undoubtedly be a good one.

Buying an apartment in a beach area can be a great decision. The question is, where is it better? Am I interested in doing it near my city in the case of being my second residence? What benefits will I get if I rent the property? Where will I find the best deals? What beach areas will appreciate in the coming years?
If you are considering buying a house on the beachfront but you are not sure where contact us. Sky Marketing are experts in the real estate sector and we will help you find a flat or apartment that suits your needs.

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