Can manufactured homes be sold?

Can manufactured homes be sold?

The improvement in the Spanish real estate market encourages us to think that this year 2019 is the best year to buy a home. If we add to this dream the possibility of acquiring a new house, with the best technology and with an ideal design, it is already incredible, don’t you think?

This reality is possible thanks to the boom in manufactured homes. Currently, the real estate market has had a boom in manufactured home sales. Sky Marketing’s main advantages are its low cost and fast delivery time.

The sheer diversity in manufactured home designs is surprising. There are companies dedicated to selling prefabricated houses that have catalogs where you can find the ideal design. In this article, we will see the advantages of opting for houses, and how to sell prefabricated houses in Spain.

What is a manufactured home?

In prefabricated houses, the structure is not armed with bricks and mortar. These are made from modules, or a modular system with panels, that the supplier pre-fabricates and assembles in the field.

The materials used in a prefabricated house can be glass, wood or concrete. Various materials can also be used in combination.

Sale prices of manufactured homes

Prefabricated houses are priced between € 800-1000 per square meter. Compared to traditional houses the cost is lower. On average, the square meter of a traditional house oscillates around 1,300 euros. So if you want to know how to sell a manufactured home, you must take the price into account.

Do not forget that the construction of prefabricated houses addresses all budgets and prices, creating an affordable option for any user.

Are there special procedures and requirements to buy and sell manufactured homes?

Manufactured homes are considered real property. By definition, these assets cannot be relocated, they are anchored to the ground. Manufactured homes require the same supplies as conventional homes.

For this reason, the permits and licenses required to install a manufactured home are the same as those required for traditional construction. It is good to keep in mind that, although there may be exceptions, prefabricated houses can only be installed on land that has been declared developable. This aspect is very important in how to sell manufactured homes.

Manufactured homes need licenses to build and carry out construction work. You must also have a project approved by the College of Architects. Considering that each municipality has its own General Urban Planning Plan and its laws to structure residential conditions.

It will be necessary to make the corresponding inquiries to comply with urban, regional, local and technical regulations.

In general, the legislation of the Building Planning Law (LOE) and the Technical Building Code (CTE) must be followed to comply with the same manufacturing standards of a traditional house in Spain.

What expenses can you anticipate in the construction of a manufactured home?

In general, the paperwork for manufactured homes involves a list of financial expenses. These include:

  • The geotechnical study of the ground and foundations.
  • The transport of the house to the land.
  • The costs of fees of the specialized architects who carry out the project, visa and the direction of the work.
  • The municipal building license fees.

As mentioned above, just like brick homes, notary and property registration fees and taxes must be included. It goes without saying that registration for electricity, gas, water, etc. services should be included.

Whether you are thinking about how to sell manufactured homes, or buy one, you have to take that into account.

Are There Special Requirements To Apply For A Manufactured Home Mortgage?

Anyone interested in buying a manufactured home can negotiate credit terms and conditions with their bank. Of course, the amount borrowed, fee and duration will depend on the personal and economic profile of the applicant.

In the case of loans for manufactured homes, banks do not deliver the entire loan amount. In what they call self-promoting mortgage credit, the money is given to you as the project progresses.

The requirements to apply for this mortgage loan are similar to the minimum requirements to mortgage a house in a traditional way.

Once the prefab home is installed, what remains to be done?

Once the prefabricated house is installed on the ground, it is mandatory to manage the certificate of habitability. With this document, the urban permits and the project are legitimized, and the property is declared suitable to be occupied by people.

Another mandatory procedure is registration in the property registry. Manufactured homes can be mortgaged, rented or sold just like traditional real estate. Therefore, before knowing how to sell manufactured homes on a private basis, make sure they are in the property registry.

Where do you sell prefabricated houses in Spain?

In Galicia, Barcelona and Madrid you can find large companies dedicated to the manufacture of prefabricated houses. All of them offer numerous design possibilities. The use of innovative and durable materials such as steel, and the use of partitions, laminated plaster walls.

The elaborate houses can be transported anywhere in Spain or anywhere in Europe.

Why are prefabricated houses all the rage?

The reasons that mark the increase in the sale of prefabricated houses are associated with their comparative advantages to traditional construction, among them:

  • The best price, between 30 and 45% less. The final costs, of course, will vary with the size of the house or the construction materials that have been preferred.
  • The shortest construction time. The assembly system of the modules is very efficient. The process is fast and accurate. Many companies guarantee delivery in 4 months and assembly in just 4 days.
  • The possibility of making reforms. They are adaptable to the tastes and needs of the family nucleus. Again, the assembly system provides the structure with versatility and economy to remodel. As the needs of the family change, it becomes very easy to modify the house, either by extension or reduction.
  • Greater energy efficiency. Its construction materials help better insulation. They pass a series of strict quality controls before they are put on sale.
  • Less hassle for the neighborhood. The installation of manufactured homes does not leave dirt or waste. This is thanks to the fact that the modules are built in the supplier’s workshops.

If you have wondered how to sell manufactured homes, or why buy one, it is easy to see that there are many reasons. They are committed to caring for the environment, they are of good quality. In addition, they are ideal for the person with a modern vision and able to venture to design their dream home.

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