Christmas handcrafts: Ideas to decorate the house at Christmas Homemade Christmas decorations

Christmas handcrafts: Ideas to decorate the house at Christmas Homemade Christmas decorations

Ideas to decorate at Christmas, Christmas crafts to make yourself and make the decoration of your house this holiday season more personal with homemade Christmas decorations. 

Christmas crafts: decorate door at Christmas.

The type of door that we have calls for a different design when decorating it on these dates. The more essential and neutral it is, the more expressive licenses it allows and vice versa, if it is a door rich in ornaments, the decoration should be simpler and simpler.

Each wreath conveys a message. If white colors predominate, for example, it means balance and purity. At the top of the door, in the fireplace or the bookcase … there are many corners in the house for the Christmas wreath,

They are made with fruit, moss, pine or fir leaves and fabric ribbons, and after the holidays, you can recycle them and hang them in a cupboard.

We have to use our imagination for a personal Christmas, use papers, ropes, ribbons, cardboard, balls of wool, felt … they are the simplest materials, as you can see in these photos of examples of door crowns.

Christmas handcrafts

Proposals for Christmas decoration on tables, front door, Christmas tree decorations and gift wrapping

Homemade Christmas decorations.

Original Christmas wreaths for doors, with garlands of light, with natural touches of holly, wicker , pinecones and berries to give it an even more Christmas touch, rattan, handmade of wool or with preserved flowers, romantic touch with flowers lavender.

Christmas handcrafts

The best proposals for you to choose the crown that best suits your home, with delicate Christmas details, such as berries and pinecones, made of wood, with bows, bells and lights, red berries, with artificial flowers, handmade of white cotton…

Christmas decorations

It does not have to be a garland that decorates the front door of the house at Christmas. This idea of ​​the frame accompanied by a group of balls, bows and contrasting colors, has a very original result to decorate and is also easy to make.

Crafts to decorate the house at Christmas

Christmas and decorate the house

Or this other bottomless frame for the interior of the house adorned with Christmas motifs and easily attached to it with a bow.

decorate the house at christmas

Easy Christmas Crafts

In a simple way, you can decorate the doors of the cabinets and drawers of the children’s rooms using spools of colored ribbons.

It is a job that they can do themselves, combining them according to their imagination and with colored ties to attach to the doorknobs.

Christmas and decorate with crafts

Another idea of homemade Christmas decoration is to gather groups of balls, bells, pinecones and ribbons for the doors.

Specifically, the entrance to the house and the living room -dining room that is the most used in these parties or as you see in the following photo, a coat rack made of wood, painted in red and green colors

Christmas handcrafts

christmas crafts ideas

Dress up the dining room chairs for these celebrations with an easy solution like the one in this photo, a ribbon with pinecones and balls tied to the back. A simple chair dresses up for dinner.

how to decorate the house at christmas

Or this more elaborate solution, with large colored bows, with golden Christmas decorations and small fir branches. Imagine more decoration alternatives with everything that shops provide us with these holidays.

decorate at Christmas

 Christmas and decoration

ideas to decorate at Christmas

A corner of the house, decorated with a cube, balls, pinecones, some logs, golden ribbons, and lights in the form of branches.

decorate at christmas

how to decorate the house at christmas

A white beaded star to hang on a wall or tree, or attached to a gift.

You need wire – it can be copper – wooden or plastic beads with holes and chains for hanging.

You give the cable a star shape with rounded edges and with the measure that you choose.

Create a loop at one end of the wire that you will use to close the wire star when you have finished threading through all of your beads.

Pass the beads and once you’ve chained all of them except the last one, create a small hook at the other end of the wire.

Make sure you have added as many balls as will fit on the wire to cover as much of the wire as possible.

After you’ve tied the last bead, hold the hook end of the cord at the end of the loop and hide as much of the clasp as possible.

Add a piece of wire or ribbon through a bead at one end of the star, to hang from a tree or on a wall.

Christmas crafts: decorate the table at Christmas

With red colors and as in this photo, with a simple bow of this color that collects the napkin, some pieces of cinnamon, and a small hanging ornament


With these same colors, red and white, on this table in the next photo a ribbon has been used, but with a small piece of fir branch.

Red and white striped table runners and white centerpieces with green and red flower decorations.

The combination of two-color plates is a point to take into account. A cheerful, fresh and clean result.


Custom napkin rings

Other ideas to decorate the table at Christmas are napkin rings: a red felt star brings the Christmas touch to the table, or with a tree to present the cutlery and decorate the table with easy Christmas crafts.

Use heavy chains, split rings, tape ties, and clasps. After Christmas, you can use them as bracelets

Wrap gifts in red and white striped paper, with a small silver ball cluster ornament and a poinsettia.

Accompany this detail with a card and congratulations, written by your hand to the people for whom you want so much goods and it is a way to embellish the gifts.

Details for the table at Christmas

Even with budgetary limitations, your gifts can be very creative with your ideas. Pick branches, leaves, berries … and add them as an option to decorate your gifts, especially if they are aimed at people who love open spaces.

Think about the interests or hobbies of the person to whom you are going to send your gift, as in the photo you see below where the gift is wrapped with a piece of vintage-type sheet music.

It would be perfect for someone who loves music and if it is a score of a carol much more successful at this time.

Crafts details

Objects with memories

Includes like objects meaning to the recipient. These Christmas tree labels are made of road maps that show places you have visited together.

Use a Christmas tree template, label, or cookie cutter to outline the shape on the paper and simply cut it out.

It is an inexpensive and simple method of reusing old paper as custom labels.

how to prepare handicraft details

You can also use photos of places where you have traveled together to remind you of family trips or nostalgic times.

Christmas handcrafts

A Gregar something extra: includes trinkets on the packaging as the theme cookie cutters that are also practical

Change the look of your living room cushions with this simple trick. Ribbons of different colors knotted in silk or wool bows, with small ornaments of pearls or chains, balls … and you will see how they are transformed.

Christmas handcrafts

Christmas crafts: homemade Christmas decorations

If you like to make the Christmas decorations yourself, here is an idea for crafts with felt and you can also choose different colors to combine

Crafts and how to do them

Poinsettia Crafts

And these other felt crafts

With colored cardboard, some small fir trees in the center of the plate, crowned with a star with the name of the diner

Cardboard crafts for Christmas

Christmas crafts for kids

Before starting to buy objects to decorate, you have to take a look at what we have at home from previous years to use it, but add new ideas so as not to repeat the same decoration.

If there are children in the house, they are special and ideal days to dedicate themselves to crafts and share good times with them. They will also feel involved in the preparations and proud of the work done.

Christmas tree crafts

Christmas handcrafts

A Santa Claus for gifts or jelly beans to decorate your home in these special holidays.

Santa Claus Crafts

Christmas handcrafts

Crafts with cuches at Christmas

Decorate Christmas

Crafts Christmas simple where they can participate small, an activity to distract them at your leisure holiday and to give l home more personality, warmth and home and funny result.

Results and Stilo, imaginative, easy to do, and for which they can use different materials.

From a Christmas tree for the hall, which they can make with wood or to hang on the door of their bedroom, of different sizes and decorated with their drawings, photos, cards made by them … to works of the smallest in small cardboard with pictures to hang on the tree.

Dibuja letters or print a Merry Christmas in construction paper and use small pliers to hold them together with other elements of Christmas as some pineapple or Wreath a.

The decoration of the tree is one of the great pleasures of these dates and the star of the decoration. Nowadays, you can no longer just use balls, because the possibilities are endless.

Christmas handcrafts

Ideas for the little ones in the house, ideas for Christmas decorations to make with children, from an original Christmas tree with a small log, paper or fabric ribbons and an included paper or cardboard star.

Bethlehem Crafts

We hope we have given you ideas on your decorations for your home this holiday season and we wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS 

Christmas and crafts with string lights