Do you know how much it costs to make a ground floor house?

Do you know how much it costs to make a ground floor house?

What is related to the construction field has always raised a lot of doubts about it. Especially when we want to buy a home that is not yet manufactured, doubts about economic viability can become a constant.

If you are thinking of making a completely new apartment and you want to know how much it costs to make a ground floor house, do not worry, at Sky Marketing we are experts in advice for the purchase of real estate. Both new construction and to your liking.

How much does it cost to make a ground-floor house: building a dream?

When we begin the process of building a home, regardless of the company we trust to carry out the project, the truth is that the beginning is always the same. And it is that, although companies normally provide us with a budget, the reality is that it is very approximate.

Defining an exact budget prior to the beginning of the construction of a new home is, practically, an impossible mission. And it is because of the number of variants that this process entails, the normal thing is that unforeseen events arise on a daily basis. From this situation emerges that initial confusion that we have to face.

If you are wondering how much it costs to make a house with a ground floor, it is important that you know some of the most important factors that will depend on whether the development of a new home can take place normally.

Factors that will depend on how much it costs to make a ground floor house

The solar

When it comes to space and location, there are no notable differences here between building a new house or moving into an existing building. In other words, location is always one of the biggest determinants in the process of buying an apartment. Therefore, starting from this base, it is obvious that it will always be one of the most important factors in the final price of the home.

When we consider building a house completely from scratch, the value of the land will be very different from one location to another. In this sense, the location will determine a key factor when defining the total price of the plot. For this reason, when it comes to looking for a plot, our recommendation is that you set an area and a maximum amount of money that you want to spend.

The characteristics that emerge from any plot is one of the factors that allow us a greater negotiation capacity. So, it depends on how skilled we are, we will be able to get a good discount on the total price of the house if we can negotiate the price correctly. In this sense, if you want to be guaranteed the best price, Deplace will help you in the search for a plot that satisfies your needs 100%.

The site can represent between 40% and 50% of the total amount of the operation. In years when the housing bubble was at its highest, this figure reached a higher percentage.

The purchase of the site is the point at which, in most cases, all the problems that may arise are derived. And the fact is that the multitude of laws that surround the purchase of the plot makes this one of the aspects to which we must pay more attention.

The urbanization

Depending on our needs, it will be normal for the house to be part of urbanization. Although the possibility of building in an area far from any neighbor is a reality, the truth is that it is not one of the most widely used solutions.

Therefore, when asking ourselves how much it costs to build a house with a ground floor, urbanization is another factor that will determine the price. Although, yes, not as much as the space in which the house is located.

The price that it will cost us that our house belongs to one or another urbanization can turn out to be very different. And it is that, depending on the type of construction that we need, it will carry one cost or another. A clearer example can be, for example, aspects such as the swimming pools, the security that we want to install or the green areas that we want to include inside our walls.

For this reason, the more things we want to include in our new home, the more expensive construction will be economical. Keep in mind that building a house from scratch, and especially on a ground floor, does not have too many similarities with the construction of a conventional floor. When it comes to moving into a house, aspects such as the gates that we want to protect our property, as well as the rest of the added security processes will be of great importance.


Despite the fact that until now all we have talked about were determining externalities, in which we did not have much capacity to influence the final price, construction is one of the issues on which we will spend as much money as we want .

When facing this construction stage, we will have to decide absolutely everything that our house has. That is to say, at this point the quality of the materials that we have chosen for our new home, the access doors, the distribution of the space, the extra comforts such as the type of floor will be included.

Regarding construction, the truth is that we must be very clear about how much money we want to spend. Going to this type of project without a forecast of the money we want to invest in it can translate into an investment of money that, surely in the initial moment, we have not had it controlled.

Have you thought about taxes?

Taxes such as VAT, ITP, AJD … among many others are amounts that separately do not represent a significant final increase, but which together end up being a significant money spike.

When considering building a house completely from scratch, it is important to be clear about all the expenses that can be derived from the operation. However small they may be at first, l or true is that the sum of all they do to become a good amount of money.

If you are thinking of making a house on a ground floor completely from scratch, our recommendation is that you set a maximum budget. This budget must be shelled by the percentage of it that you want to allocate to each of these factors that we have been shelving.
Due to the difficulty that arises in relation to the construction of a completely new home, our recommendation is that you go to professional hands. From Deplace we help you transform the final result of your home into a real success.

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