Steps to sell a second-hand apartment and get the best price

Steps to sell a second-hand apartment and get the best price

The needs that can lead us to the sale of our home can be very diverse. From the moment we are thinking of moving to a better home until we need liquidity or we move to another city.

Everyone’s personal circumstances are so different that it could take years to analyze them. However, the truth is that regardless of its nature, the procedures to sell a second-hand apartment must always be clear. Due to the difficulty of this process, together with the great amount of misinformation that surrounds it, the sale of a second-hand apartment is one of the biggest challenges that we are going to have to face in our lives.

If you want this not to become a problem and you are able to face it with the greatest possible guarantees, you must be aware of all the procedures to sell a second-hand apartment.

Before reaching them, it is important that you become aware of the opacity that surrounds the real estate market. Precisely for this reason, it is an area in which relying on professionals in the sector is one of the best decisions you can make. And at Sky Marketing we are ready to help you.

Procedures to sell a second-hand apartment, where do I start?

Certificate of occupancy

The first thing you should do if you want to turn this transaction into a real success is to get a certificate of occupancy. Through it, you are guaranteeing that the home you put up for sale is capable of being inhabited.

Despite the fact that many times as owners it is unknown if the home already has this procedure or not, it is important that we check if, if we have it, it is in force or if it has expired.

One of the biggest mistakes made in the real estate market in relation to this issue is to think that the home has this certificate, without paying attention to its expiration date.

The habitability certificates, like many other administrative parameters of our home, have to be renewed periodically. Otherwise, putting your apartment up for sale without this certificate could incur a significant violation.

Go to a real estate

One of the most frequent doubts, when you are about to sell a house, is related to the starting price you want to achieve. In this sense, it is very important to know that the starting price must include both the minimum price that is sought to obtain from the transaction and the negotiation margin that is willing to pass up in case of closing an agreement.

Although it seems that it is a subject without difficulty, it is important that you know that it is one of the decisions that entails the most difficulty in relation to the sale of the property.

If you want to perfectly execute all the procedures to sell a second-hand apartment, the best thing you can do is trust the experts to help you in a sector such as real estate. The real estate appraisal must be carried out by a technician for it to be real. In addition, if what you fear are real estate commissions, you should know that at Deplace we do not use them, but only in case of selling your home will you pay a previously agreed fixed cost.

The ads on the Internet for the flats have a greater reach of visits during the first days, if you start with a price that is too high, even if we lower it later, it can make the flat lose interest.

When making a tough decision like pricing, trust Deplace’s valuation.

Depersonalize your home

This is one of the aspects that is often forgotten. Over the years, it is normal for the home to be able to speak for itself. Due to the time that is spent in it, the normal thing is that when you have been living in your house for a while, it acquires your own personality.

It is important to realize that not everything you like can make it to the rest of the world. Aspects such as the color of the walls, decorative elements or even fridge magnets, can play a trick on you when finalizing a transaction.

One of the procedures to sell a second-hand apartment that arouses greater interest is related to hiding all the details that refer to the personality of the seller. Thus, everything that has been installed in our home in recent years that is closely related to it, you can keep it inside the cupboards or under the bed.

Ideally, all visitors to the property feel comfortable when they enter. The more neutral our home is, the easier it will be for all types of interested parties to enter through the eyes.

In this sense, one of our recommendations is that you try to hide as much as possible all the photos that are inside the house. When a buyer is interested in acquiring a home, even if it is unconsciously, he does not want to see other people’s lives in it.

Fix all the flaws

That you leave a flat does not mean that you have to completely ignore everything that happens inside it. Especially if you want to get the maximum possible value.

As a buyer, the damage that shows up in a home when you buy it is one of the biggest arguments for lowering the final price of the apartment.

If you do not want to negotiate the amount you are setting, it is important that you take care of even the smallest detail. A final review when you go to upload the ad to the Internet is the best way to convey an image of seriousness and commitment to all concerned. If you find that a door is broken, a wall has a blow, or there is a piece of furniture that is not in condition, it is best to invest some money in its reform.

This small investment is sure to be recovered at the time of closing the transaction.
Don’t lose a potential buyer for not being attentive to details. Every buyer must feel from the moment they enter the house as if it were their own.

Fix all the possible damages in the home and make your future client feel at home. There couldn’t be a better decision!

Selling our house is always one of the great challenges that you are going to have to face in your life. Despite the fact that a few years ago the procedure was much simpler, the rise of the Internet and new technologies has made the transaction of selling a house give rise to a series of details that are well worth taking care of.
In a market as competitive as the current one, only the most experienced professionals in the sector will be able to fulfill the objective that you have set for yourself as a seller. Planning a sales strategy will be much easier if you have some of the best real estate consultants in the world. Trust Duplicand invest in peace of mind. We take care of everything so that you only have to worry about choosing your new home.

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