The importance of colors when selling a house

The importance of colors when selling a house

It is no secret that the first impression is very important when selling a home. It is the opportunity for the potential buyer to decide to make an offer like Blue World City.

In this sense, the color of a house can evoke memories and emotions. So when it comes to impressing potential buyers, color can be a deciding factor between selling or not. It is for this reason that the colors to paint a house should be chosen with caution.

The exterior of the property: what color to paint the house to captivate

The facade of the house must bring style and harmony to the property in order to achieve success on the first impression. Painting the exterior of a house can be expensive, so from an investment point of view, be clear about the color you want to apply because it will remain for many more years than the interiors.

For this reason, it is not always a good idea to get carried away with fashion with your color selections. A safe bet when choosing the best colors to paint a house is to lean towards a contemporary style. This is looking above all to animate the facade.

It should also take into account the existing permanent features and colors that cannot be changed, like the color of the roof, carpentry wood or aluminum frames of the windows.

The ceiling and entryway are large areas that carry color, whether it is warm-toned brick or cool-toned tiles. The colors you choose should be in line with these.

Colors to paint a house: the exterior influences a successful sale

The target

It remains the color of choice, reflects safety and provides a clean and fresh look to the facade.

The Grey

It is a more modern color; it gives the house more interest and dimension. Consider playing by using two shades of gray to the facade.

The black

Without a doubt, it is a very risky color. It may seem like a very sober option, but this color, used with a good eye, can highlight the characteristics of the property’s structure.

The brown

Earth tones provide an elegant appearance. It should be taken into account that the color of the facade must match the color of the doors and gates. It is important to achieve a correct combination and an ideal balance. Among the favorite colors for the gates are: black, white, gray and brown.

Inner beauty: what colors to paint a house to apply in each space?

When selling a property, the easiest way to add value is to invest in a reform that, among other things, involves painting the house. Choosing the right colors will strike the perfect balance that allows the buyer to imagine living there.

Don’t get carried away by your personal taste. Your goal is to paint the house in a way that attracts potential buyers.

Color has a huge impact on buyers and can serve as a powerful tool. Trends can change over time, so it is worth considering which shades are most favorable to please current buyers.

The target

White is universally attractive, and it can be easily combined with contrasting colors. Buyers can customize the space with a minimum of work. This either by adding color to a door, or by decorating a contrasting wall. Choosing white for a room is giving buyers a blank canvas.

The yellow

This color is associated with joy and light. This makes it the color of choice for windowless spaces such as hallways. It is also used in the living room or kitchen which is the most common place for family gathering. It is recommended that the shade of yellow chosen be from the range of soft and warm yellows.

The blue

The different shades of blue can provoke a wide range of sensations. Clear shades undoubtedly create a sense of tranquility. If the house has a separate dining room, it is the perfect place to try a strong navy blue or dark gray color, as they give a nice and cozy feeling.

The green

It is a color that is linked to nature, emitting the feeling of calm and tranquility. For this reason, shades of green are suitable for any room in the house.

A light green is perfect for use in bathrooms as it provides the feeling of calm. While the darker green tone is highly recommended for the office room, since you will feel the atmosphere full of peace and tranquility.

The Grey

It is much more than a neutral color. Almost all other shades go perfectly with the color gray. This is the ideal option to use in corridors and entrances, in places where spaces are connected.

The light tones have a softness that gives the feeling of tranquility. While dark grays feel less cool. It is necessary to use the gray combinations well, nobody wants to project the wrong feeling like a frozen room. Find the perfect mix to produce warmth in the environment.

The brown

At first glance, brown may not be among your first choices. Do not rule it out, brown tones are also part of the color palette that evokes calming effects, since the mind associates them with nature.

The richest shades create a feeling of warmth and tranquility. This makes them suitable for entertainment spaces. You can induce a potential buyer to imagine spending time there with your family. Lighter shades, like beige, are ideal for a formal living room, study, and hallways.

Take your time when choosing your color palettes. Don’t forget that you can’t go wrong with neutral colors. They are positively associated with homey feelings.

The latest trend in colors that will help increase the value of the house

Adding a tone that highlights the front doors of the house impresses buyers. The trend is to paint them navy blue, dark gray or charcoal gray.

Among the best colors to paint the exterior of a house is a mix between gray and beige. The soft blue and gray color are the combination that sets the trend when it comes to painting the kitchen. For the living room, the predilection for light beige or oatmeal color is maintained.

Without a doubt, the color blue reflects calm, which explains why buyers prefer rooms painted in that color. The current trend is from light cerulean blue to cadet blue. Another room in which the color blue or purple predominates is the bathroom.

There is a strategy that is to focus on unique themes in each room. This can make it easier to decide the colors to paint a house. Although this can work well, it is important to maintain a sense of continuity at all times. The beauty of decorating a home is that each room can look and feel unique, so you can use a different color scheme in each space if you wish. The trick is to create cohesion by choosing complementary colors where the rooms connect. If you have doubts when choosing the colors to paint a house for sale, contact us. At Sky Marketing we will offer you the best tips and tricks to sell your home

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